Casey Kasem's Daughter Denies Stepmother's Porn, Scientology Accusations

Kerri Kasem Jean Kasem Split - H 2014
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Kerri Kasem Jean Kasem Split - H 2014

The DJ's wife accuses Kerri Kasem of being a porn star plotting to give his fortune away.

Jean Kasem, the wife of ailing DJ Casey Kasem, filed a declaration in court June 9 accusing Casey Kasem's daughter Kerri Kasem of working in porn and scheming to give her father's fortune (estimated at $80 million) to Scientology.

"In addition to her conversion to Scientology, Kerri and Casey also had a falling-out over Kerri's involvement in soft-core pornography," declared Jean Kasem. "Kerri has, for a number of years, made a living doing nude or scantily clad modeling. While I will not now share the seedy and demeaning pictures that Kerri posed for to receive money, a simple Internet search under 'Kerri Kasem nude' will reveal pornographic photo after photo of Kerri, either nude or scantily clad, and many photos of Kerri engaging in sex acts.… Her true motive is to get back at her father and to be appointed to a position of influence over him where she can alter his estate plan and have his money go to her and her church of Scientology."

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Kerri Kasem denies those claims.

"My dad is very proud of me and we have an extremely close relationship," Kerri Kasem tells The Hollywood Reporter. "No, I am not giving my dad's fortune to Scientology." She did not comment on whether she is a Scientologist. Her spokesman, Danny Deraney, says, "There's a $2 million trust for Kerri, her brother and sister -- and Liberty, Jeannie's daughter, is in it, too. So they all get maybe $500,000. Kerri has a job -- she's a radio host. Go to Kerri's house, she's not living an extravagant lifestyle."

Deraney calls the porn charge preposterous. "Kerri told me, 'Oh, I guess she considers Maxim pornography.' And what if Kerri had done pornography? If she worships the devil, what does it have to do with anything? Kerri and her family are fine if Casey's will says, 'I gave all my money to the Boy Scouts of America.' They're all fine with that."

Kerri Kasem alleges that in the 12 days since she got temporary conservatorship of her father's health care, "Jean has visited one day," while Kerri's sister, brother, uncle and aunt have remained by Casey Kasem's side.

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"I wish Jean would just focus on what's important and visit her husband, who does not have much time left."

Jean Kasem's attorney, Steven Haney, says she is trying to restore her authority over Mr. Kasem's treatment. "The hearing on Jeannie becoming temporary conservator is this Friday, June 13, 2014, at 8:30 a.m. [in] downtown L.A.," says Haney.

Jean Kasem declared that there is another health problem caused by the family strife. "As a direct result of this incessant cyber slamming, vicious character assassination and digital pile-on, and the excessive stress it has caused, Liberty has suffered four life-threatening asthma attacks in just the last two weeks."