Casey Kasem's Daughter Says Dad Still Hasn't Been Buried, Stepmother 'Coming After' Her Trust (Video)

Casey Kasem with daughters Kerri and Julie 2003 P
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Kerri Kasem also talked about the origin of Jean's animosity.

Casey Kasem’s daughter Kerri opened up about her feud with stepmother Jean Kasem, including how the dispute could affect Casey’s burial and her trust fund on Thursday’s The View.

Kerri Kasem said that her father’s body is still in Washington and hasn’t been buried despite her father’s wishes to be buried at Forest Lawn cemetery in Los Angeles.

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The Hollywood Reporter previously noted that Jean Kasem is in charge of Casey’s burial.

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Kerri also said that Jean last week sent a letter to the lawyer in charge of his will saying she’s “coming after” the irrevocable trust Casey set up for his kids 30 years ago, which Kerri said is “the only thing our dad left us.”

Casey’s daughter said she has no idea when the animosity between her and Jean began or why.

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“If I knew, I would tell you,” Kerri said on Thursday’s View. “I would try to make amends. I would say, ‘I’m sorry Jean. What happened? … Why do you hate us so much?’ ”

Kerri added that she hasn’t seen Jean in 15 years apart from once in passing at a hospital and talking to her twice on the phone.

Watch Kerri's appearance on Thursday's The View below.