Cast of 'Jersey Shore' Addresses Sammi Giancola Not Returning for 'Family Vacation'

"We wish she would have come," Pauly D said. "Because we started it all together, let’s continue it all together."

The castmembers of MTV’s hit reality show The Jersey Show are back, returning for their new adventure, Jersey Shore Family Vacation. They sat down with The Hollywood Reporter In Studio to tease what’s to come and to share what it was like reuniting after all these years.

It’s been six years since Jersey Shore went off the air, but according to the cast, it’s like no time has gone by. “It feels like we filmed yesterday,” DJ Pauly D said. “When we got back into the house, I feel like we picked up right back to where we left off. Like nothing stopped.”

It was 2009 when the show made its debut on MTV, and it immediately became a pop culture phenomenon. Even stars like Beyonce, Leonardo DiCaprio and Lady Gaga were hooked. For the cast, those famous interactions made them realize just how big the show’s reach was.

“When Beyonce comes up to us and gives us a kiss on the cheek and says it’s her favorite show ... when Leonardo DiCaprio wanted to hang out with us. We’re like, ‘This is getting far. Everyone is watching this,'" Vinny Guadagnino told THR. 

Over the past half-dozen years, times have certainly changed for the cast, including for Jennifer "JWoww" Farley and Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, who are now parents to children of their own. But don’t let that fool you – they still know how to party like they did back at the Shore.

“Everyone’s saying, ‘They’re moms now. They’re going to be tame.’ It’s the opposite,” Guadagnino said. “They’re moms now so they’re wilder because they don’t get out that much.”

“The only thing that’s different is they cook and clean now,” Pauly D added. “They still party just as hard but now they cook and clean.”

Noticeably absent from the reunited cast is original housemate Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola, who decided not to partake in the new series.

“We wish she would have come,” Pauly D said. “Because we started it all together, let’s continue it all together but she decided not to come, and I’m a little taken back by that because she should have come. Regardless of whatever. Just come, tell your story, whatever.”

Deena Cortese added, “She’s always welcome.”

Giancola spoke out about her decision months ahead of the reboot's launch, saying she is in a "completely different place" in life than she was during the original run. "I am not the same person I was when I was 22," wrote the 33-year-old in a lengthy Twitter post about what she called a "difficult" decision. Adding that though she is grateful for the show, she now aims to avoid "potentially toxic situations."

Jersey Shore Family Vacation premieres Thursday, April 5, at 8 p.m. on MTV.