Castallo exits NBC drama post


Chris Castallo has stepped down as vp drama development at NBC.

The network and Castallo declined comment on the circumstances surrounding the exit, but according to sources, it was Castallo's decision to leave six months before the end of his contract.

After a long stint at Tollin-Robbins Prods., Castallo joined NBC in June 2005 as part of a reorganization of the network's development team that included the introduction of two groups of executives handling NBC- and non-NBC-produced projects on the comedy and drama side under executive vp Ghen Maynard.

Castallo headed the team handling outside drama projects, reporting to Maynard.

In January, the two-team system was scrapped and Maynard, as well as vp drama development Michael Thorn, Castallo's counterpart shepherding NBC Uni TV projects, departed.

Castallo stayed on and for the past eight months worked under Katie O'Connell, who in April was named senior vp drama development.

The other key member of O'Connell's team, vp Erin Underhill, is staying put.