Casting Directors on Fox, Warner Lots Received Death Threats

Other details - including motives - are still unknown.

The six Los Angeles–area casting directors who received death threats earlier this month included some with offices at Fox Studios and Warner Bros. Studios, according to a Teamsters union Local 399 business agent. The identities of the casting directors and the motivations behind the threats are still not known.

Back Stage reported Tuesday that the Teamsters had been contacted by five casting directors who received telephone death threats on Nov. 7.

The union, which represents some casting directors, advised the threat recipients to contact security organizations at the facilities where they work and the police. A Teamsters business representative then sent a mass email to members of the L.A.-area casting community, alerting them to the threats. A sixth casting director who had been threatened contacted the Teamsters on Monday.

A representative for Warner Bros. told Back Stage that no company personnel had received threats. The spokesperson could not confirm whether threats had been delivered to any non–Warner Bros. personnel working on the lot. Representatives for the Los Angeles Police Department and Fox declined to comment.