Cate Blanchett on 'Truth': "I Never See Film as Being an Absolute Version of the Truth" — Actress Oscar Roundtable

"['Truth'] is really about the unhealthy crucible between our politicians, the centralized media ownership and the readership."

"It's a particular moment in time," explained actress Cate Blanchett of her controversial film, Truth. "Someone's viewpoint has to take you through the story."

"Of course I met Mary [Mapes], and I talked to her at length, and she is a fascinating, compelling person, but it was about her in free fall," said Blanchett. "A film is not a documentary."

"At a certain point, I had to disconnect with [Mary]. When you're playing a real-life character, or a fictional character, they're far more interesting than the time you have," explained the actress during the Actress Oscar Roundtable.

THR's Stephen Galloway pressed Blanchett about another notable film of hers this year, Carol, a female-driven romance directed by Todd Haynes, asking if she thought the film should have been directed by a woman. "People's gender is not my first point of engagement with them, and it's not with Todd [Haynes], and if you look at all the great roles that women have played ... I mean, he asked me to play Bob Dylan, for f—'s sake."

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