Cate Blanchett: "Women Don't Stop Consuming Cultural Product Once They Stop Menstruating"

AP Images/Invision

The actress discusses how older female audiences are affecting Hollywood.

Cate Blanchett recently spoke to Vogue Australia about gender inequality in Hollywood, giving her opinion on how women's roles are changing.

Interviewer Anna Funder asked Blanchett, "Tina Fey wrote in Bossypants that any woman in Hollywood who's no longer considered f--kable is ignored. In the era of Judi Dench and Meryl Streep and other actresses we love, can this really be true, or are they exceptions?"

"Female audiences are driving the change, I think," responded Blanchett. "Women don't stop consuming cultural product once they stop menstruating."

Funder spoke with Blanchett about people being surprised to learn about the wage equality gap for women. "People were surprised?" said Blanchett, "There are countless industries around the world where women in top positions are not equally remunerated for equal work."