John Edwards' Daughter, Cate Edwards, Married to Dr. Trevor Upham

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The disgraced politician, once a darling of Hollywood, walked his daughter down the aisle 10 months after her mother's death.

Former U.S. Senator and Vice Presidential candidate John Edwards walked his and the late Elizabeth Edwards’ daughter, Cate Edwards, down the aisle at her wedding in Chapel Hill, N.C. on Saturday.

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Cate, 29, married Dr. Trevor Upham, 30, at United Methodist Church before welcoming their guests back to the Edwards Home for the reception, according to the New York Times. About 150 people attended the festivities, which began on Thursday with welcome cocktails.

The couple met in 2002 when both attended Princeton University. Cate studied law while Upham was studying medicine. He’s now a surgical fellow at Georgetown University and she left her legal career this year to start the Elizabeth Edwards Foundation.

After a two-year breakup, the couple got back together in 2006 and they were engaged the day after Thanksgiving last year. The family announced Elizabeth’s cancer had spread just a few days later and she died on Dec. 7. The couple honored her memory with a lit candle beside them at the altar, reports People.

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In January of last year, Elizabeth and John separated after news of his affair with mistress, Rielle Hunter, and their daughter, Frances Quinn (now three years old), together surfaced. Elizabeth intended to divorce him, but died before the mandatory one-year waiting period.

The affair, which occurred during his 2008 Presidential campaign, led to charges that John violated campaign finance laws. The trial was originally set to begin this month, but he successfully had it pushed partially citing that it would interfere with his daughter's wedding.

Tabloid reports state that Hunter demanded her and John's child be included in Cate's wedding. There are no reports as to whether Hunter and the child actually attended.

Once a favorite in Hollywood, John's career and downfall is captured in a book written by his former aide, Andrew Young, titled The Politician: An Insider's Account of John Edwards's Pursuit of the Presidency and the Scandal That Brought Him Down. In July of last year, Aaron Sorkin signed on to direct a movie based on the book called The Politician.

Note: An earlier version of this article mistakenly referred to Hunter as Tucker in the next to the last paragraph and referred to John's 2008 campaign as "Vice Presidential."

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