Catherine Deneuve to Get Lifetime Achievement Honor at Antalya Film Festival

Catherine Deneuve

At the Jean Paul Gaultier Couture show on July 8.

The French actress has appeared in over 130 movies during her 58-year career.

French actress Catherine Deneuve will be honored with a lifetime achievement award at the 52nd International Antalya Film Festival in Turkey.

She will receive the honor at the event's opening on Nov. 29.

Three of Deneuve's films from her 58-year career will be screened as a tribute during the event, Turkey's top film festival and longest-running annual cinema event. The films to be screened are her most recent, Jaco Van Dormael's The Brand New Testament, Jacques Demy's 1964 classic The Umbrellas of Cherbourg and Regis Wargnier's 1992 Indochine.

Deneuve has played roles in around 130 films since her debut at the age of 14 in The Twilight Girls.

With her role in Demy's film she became famous worldwide and went on to appear in Roman Polanski's Repulsion, Luis Bunuel's Belle de Jour and Francois Truffaut's The Last Metro, among other movies. Deneuve continues to appear in two or three films a year.

The 52nd edition of the International Antalya Film Festival will run through Dec. 6.