Catrall adds glamour to Cannes with 'Jack'


CANNES -- Kim Cattrall took a break from filming the forthcoming "Sex and the City" movie to add a dash of Hollywood glamour for MIPCOM buyers at the Riviera-side market Monday.

Cattrall, in Cannes to promote the ITV/Ecosse Films/WGBH Boston drama project "My Boy Jack," which also stars Daniel Radcliffe, posed for a stream of photos with buyers at a swanky and packed lunch at the Carlton Hotel.

The drama is being distributed by Granada International and will debut next month on ITV1.

Ecosse Films is in talks with a number of distributors, including the Weinstein Co. and Warner Independent, to secure a U.S. theatrical release for the two-hour World War I drama, producer Douglas Rae said.told the Hollywood Reporter.

"Essentially, what we have here is a movie that is going out on television, but it was done with a feature film's ambition and scale," he said of the £3 million ($6.1 million) production.

Ecosse previously produced "Mrs Brown," another project intended for television that delivered boxoffice and critical success.

"Jack" tells the true story of Rudyard Kipling's son Jack, who goes missing in action on the battlefield, and the desperate struggle his parents embark upon to find his body. Cattrall plays Caroline "Carrie" Kipling.

"Playing this quite austere character is not what I am known for," said Cattrall, who has made London her home in recent months after taking up a number of roles on the West End stage.

"It was a personal project as well," said Cattrall, whose grandfather fought in both world wars and died six months after serving in World War II. "This project really opened up part of my family history, and it was also very exciting to play the wife of one of the most popular writers and dramatists of the day. She was a tough lady."

Cattrall said she was in discussions to continue her relationship with British TV broadcasters and was looking at a number of future projects with BBC1 and ITV.