'Cats' Soundtrack Released on Digital Music Platforms

Cats Still 3- Universal Pictures Publicity-H 2019
Courtesy of Universal Pictures

The compilation features Taylor Swift and Andrew Lloyd Webber's original "Beautiful Ghosts"; the moving 'Cats' favorite ballad, "Memory," performed by Jennifer Hudson; plus all the beloved tunes from the play.

The highly anticipated film adaptation of Cats hits theaters on Friday, and with it, the star-studded soundtrack. 

The compilation features Taylor Swift and Andrew Lloyd Webber's original "Beautiful Ghosts"; the moving Cats favorite ballad, "Memory," performed by Jennifer Hudson; plus all the beloved tunes from the play. 

"'Beautiful Ghosts' is sung from a young voice who is wondering if she will ever have glory days," Swift previously said of her song. "Longing for the sense of belonging she sees everyone else finding. Reaching for it, desperately afraid of never having beautiful ghosts of days gone by to cling to in her older years. No matter what happens, I can safely say the memories from my experience working on Cats will be ones I carry with me. Beautiful ghosts, if you will."

Stream the full soundtrack below.

This story first appeared on Billboard.com.