In Her Shoes: A Chat with Fashion's Favorite Host, Catt Sadler

Catt Sadler - P 2015

The 'E! News' anchor and dedicated shoe afficionado shares her first splurge (Manolos, naturally), her go-to fashion week sandals and which pair of Kendall Jenner-approved kicks she's currently got on her radar.

You may know her as the likeable and oh-so fashionable E! News host and anchor for E! News Weekend, but Catt Sadler has been steadily growing her fan base by expanding into digital properties and producing, too. Her blog, TheCattwalk, features not only snaps of her daily on-set looks, but also well-written fashion roundups.

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Additionally, she’s hosted Simply Stylist, the fashion and beauty conference in Los Angeles, for five years running, is the face of Murad’s Rapid Lightening Regimen Line and her documentary, Women Like Us, is slated for release this spring. So what does this busy mom of two wear on her feet for all her fabulous life? We decided to find out.

What are your all-time favorite pair of shoes and why?

My all-time favorite pair of shoes are my grey suede Manolos. You know they say, “you never forget your first.” Well, it’s true. I worked five days a week for more than a decade in television before I splurged. I was working in New York and covering fashion week for E! News when I spotted them at Barney’s. Or perhaps they spotted me. It was love at first sight. They are comfortable, elegant, timeless and oh-so-everything. #PerfectPump.

What are your favorite shoes you wore for a red-carpet event?

At last year’s Oscars I was wearing this absolutely sick champagne-colored Charbel Zoe beaded gown that had been custom designed for me! My stylist found these gorgeous pair of silk Miu Miu’s with gold embellishment up the heel. It was really a Cinderella shoe moment.

What are your favorite go-to shoes to wear during fashion week?

I have a pair of Givenchy black gladiator sandals from a couple years back that I cannot live without. They are perfect for late summer in New York. Every time I am photographed in them people ask me who makes them and where I got them. I will wear these in between shows, to coffee, for early cocktails even. They save my feet and are simply badass. I also have a pair of Stan Smith sneakers that I always take to New York. They slide on easy in between shoots and still look cute with dresses and skirts.

I’m most excited about my newest pair of Isabel Marant boots. I splurged, but boy, was it worth it. They are Becky Cuissard thigh-high black leather and suede but with the perfect sized, sturdy heel. I will be able to walk in these and still turn heads. I just pray it’s not too hot in the city. If it’s 90 degrees like predicted I might have to wear them and nothing else.

What shoes do you want to be buried in?

Maybe, if I died tomorrow, a pair of Stuart Weitzman Nudists. I own almost every color. Black, nude, white leather, sparkly silver. The shape and design makes every outfit look sleek, sexy, beautiful. I think that is how I’d want to look when I am buried.

What shoes are you crushing on really hard right now?

I’m trying to locate this pair of Gianvito Rossi suede ankle boots that I saw on Kendall Jenner recently. They come in this gorgeous camel color, lace up and the heel is forgiving. I’ve been scouring the Internet and may have just found them at Bergdorf’s. Now let’s hope they have my size!

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What shoes do you love to see on the opposite sex?

I really like a black leather boot on guys. Kind of rock 'n’ roll. Think Johnny Depp or Chris Martin or my husband! He has a pair of black Florentini and Baker that get better and better over time. I’m also really into loafers with no socks. Men’s ankles are sexy. Who knew?!

Why are shoes so awesome?

True story. Sometimes I put my pants on, then my shoes and my shirt last. Shoes just really dictate my mood and set the tone for the day. It’s true what they say, you can tell so much about a person by their shoes. You can tell how someone feels about themselves by the shoes they wear. Oh, and the places they go! Shoes have such sentimental history and literally have covered the pavement with me on several different continents. I’ll never forget the sandals I wore in the dirt my first time to Kenya. Or the heels I wore when I covered the Academy Awards for the first time. Or the pumps I wore in my first runway show in New York at last fashion week!