Caviezel hears 'Blown' ticking


Jim Caviezel will attempt to stop Samuel L. Jackson from destroying London in the espionage thriller "Blown."

Martha Fiennes' film centers on Will Matlock (Caviezel), a top MI5 operative whose routine investigation of a global corporation leads him to discover an imminent terrorist attack. Jackson will play Julian Lezard, the businessman who engages him in a high-stakes game of wits and deception.

Caviezel ("The Passion of the Christ") is repped by ICM.

U.K.-based Intandem Films is producing and handling AFM presales on "Blown," which is in preproduction. Shani Hinton, Gareth Wiley, Fiennes and Tiffin are producing. Fiennes' husband George Tiffin wrote the sctipt and will handle cinematography.