Cazals' 'Chicogrande' to open San Seb Fest

Four films added to official competition lineup

MADRID -- Mexican director Felipe Cazals' historical "Chicogrande" will premiere internationally when it opens the 58th San Sebastian International Film Festival, festival organizers announced Friday as they added three other films to the official competition lineup.

"Chicogrande" uses the Mexican revolution as the backdrop for his frontier western/adventure movie that centers on the U.S.'s "Punitive Expedition" to punish Pancho Villa in what was to be the last major campaign of the U.S. Calvary.

Two love stories -- China's "Addicted to Love," directed by Liu Hao, and Germany-Swiss "Colors in the Dark," directed by Sophie Heldman, will also vie for the Golden Shell at Spain's top film festival next month, along with South Korean Kim Je-Woon's thriller "I Saw the Devil."

The festival, which has already announced 11 films to compete for the top prize, said it would add more titles before the festival runs Sept. 17-25 in Spain's northern Basque region.
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