CBC airs anti-Sarah Palin book cover

Broadcaster uses wrong graphic for book image

TORONTO -- That pesky liberal anti-Sarah Palin media conspiracy is spreading.

The former Alaska governor and U.S. vice presidential candidate is complaining over Newsweek's choice for a magazine cover shot.

Now it turns out the Canadian Broadcasting Corp.'s flagship newscast "The National" put the wrong Palin book cover image on air Monday night as it introduced an item for her current "Going Rogue" book tour.

Rather than display the cover for "Going Rogue: An American Life," Palin's memoir, "National" viewers saw the graphic for the anti-Palin essay collection "Going Rouge: Sarah Palin, an American Nightmare," by the Nation editors Richard Kim and Betsy Reed.

Both books feature look-alike covers with a smiling Palin, similar typescript and were released Tuesday.

A CBC spokesman said the culprit was Canadian Press, a domestic newswire service, whose image database offered up the "Going Rouge" book cover when CBC producers punched in the keywords Sarah Palin.

The CBC received no viewer complaints when the wrong book cover image briefly flashed on the 9 p.m. "National" newscast, before it was quickly replaced for the 10 p.m. newscast.