CBC, DivX strike online content deal


TORONTO -- The Canadian Broadcasting Corp. on Friday said it has signed a content deal to distribute its TV programming on the San Diego-based DivX online video-sharing site.

As part of its licensing agreement, the CBC, Canada's public broadcaster, will see DivX operate a dedicated CBC channel on its video-sharing site.

The CBC and DivX also will partner to distribute programming from the Canadian broadcaster on the DivX video format worldwide. This includes bundling a DVD featuring highlights from the CBC's broadcast of the 2006 Torino Olympic winter games with Samsung's DivX certified DVD players.

Other CBC content that will find its way onto the DivX channel includes CBC news reports, interviews with Canadian music stars, including Josh Groban.

Rival broadcaster Chum in recent months has signed a number of similar music- and lifestyle-themed content deals for its MuchMusic-branded TV channels, including recent agreements with Amp'd Mobile and Joost.

Still another Canadian broadcaster, CTV, has a licensing arrangement with MTV Networks International to slot its Canadian-made shows into MTV's global network, including digital media platforms.