CBC Drama Exec Robin Neinstein Jumps to Shaw Media (Exclusive)

The Tudors - TV Still - 2007

The Canadian pubcaster veteran is moving to the private sector to oversee original series for Global Television and cable channels like History Television and National Geographic Channel.

TORONTO -- Veteran Canadian Broadcasting Corp. production head Robin Neinstein has jumped over to Shaw Media as a production executive for original drama content.

As executive in charge of drama production at CBC Television, he oversaw creative development and production on network series, movies and mini-series like The Tudors and Being Erica.

The pubcaster isn’t replacing Neinstein as it deals with recent deep cuts imposed on the CBC by the federal government in Ottawa.

Neinstein is moving over to Shaw Media, which includes the Global Television network and a stable of profitable cable channels like HGTV Canada, History Television and National Geographic Channel.

Shaw Media, like rival private broadcasters here, is stepping up investment in homegrown shows as part of CRTC-mandated expenditures following recent industry takeovers.