CBC to integrate English-language services


TORONTO  -- The Canadian Broadcasting Corp. on Thursday unveiled plans to consolidate and integrate its English-language TV, radio and online services for an emerging multiplatform world.

The move aims to allow the public broadcaster to break down content silos and serve Canadians across a range of emerging digital platforms, according to CBC president and CEO Robert Rabinovitch.

"CBC/Radio-Canada recognizes that in order to keep pace with emerging trends in media usage it needs to transform from a collection of individual platform-specific networks into an integrated provider of content," Rabinovitch said.

The integrate-or-fade strategy by the CBC will be overseen by current English television vp Richard Stursberg, who will assume the newly-created position of executive vp English services.

In addition, Jennifer McGuire, executive director of programming for CBC Radio, has been promoted to executive director of CBC Radio. She replaces Jane Chalmers, who is to retire from the CBC as vp of its radio division.

The amalgamation of the CBC's English language services follows a 2005 integration of French-language radio, TV and online services at Radio-Canada under Sylvain Lafrance.

CBC/Radio-Canada in all offers 28 English and French-language services across a range of platforms, including radio, TV, the Internet, satellite radio, digital audio and record and music distribution.