CBS 2 Reporter Serene Branson Slurs Words During Grammy Report (Video)

The twice Emmy-nominated anchor was hospitalized after, according to a report.

CBS 2 L.A. affiliate correspondent Serene Branson slurred her words during a live Grammy report Sunday night. The tape flashed to Grammy pre-roll.

Multiple sites mocked her speech, but she was taken to the hospital and may have suffered a stroke, according to the UK Telegraph.

"Sending my best to Serene Branson that she's ok," Kim Baldonado, an NBC 4 News reporter in Los Angeles, wrote on Twitter. "It doesn't sound like it's anything to laugh about."

But Kristin Cruz, co-host of the Mark & Kristin Show on KOST 103.5 in Los Angeles, said on air that Branson, who has been nominated for two Emmys, was checked out by EMT personnel and sent home with a friend.

CBS 2 News did not comment to the New York Daily News.