CBS agrees to $31.35 million settlement


WASHINGTON -- CBS Corp. agreed to pay $31.35 million to resolve all outstanding liability related to the cleanup of six Superfund sites around Bloomington, Ind., federal and state officials announced Tuesday.

The payment is the last in a series of settlements authorities negotiated with CBS over the past 10 years after the parties abandoned their original settlement, which required CBS to excavate and incinerate PCB-contaminated materials, according to the EPA, Justice Department and Indiana officials.

CBS is responsible for the cleanups as it is the successor to Westinghouse Electric Corp., which operated an electrical capacitor production facility in Bloomington. The insulating fluid used in the manufacturing of the electrical capacitors contained PCBs, which are hazardous substances that do not break down readily by natural processes.

Under the global settlement, CBS has agreed to perform additional cleanup actions, worth an estimated $22.8 million, to remove PCBs from groundwater and streams at the last three sites. CBS also will pay $6.67 million dollars to reimburse EPA for response costs incurred in investigating and cleaning up the sites.