CBS's 'Face the Nation' Will Expand to One Hour to Rival 'Meet the Press,' 'This Week'

Bob Schieffer CBS

Anchor Bob Schieffer announced on his half-hour Sunday political talk show that his broadcast will increase to an hour starting in April.

In an attempt to keep up with competition on rival network talk shows, CBS’s Sunday political talk show Face the Nation will be doubling its airtime.

 Anchor Bob Schieffer made the announcement today on his show, adding, “This is happening because more and more of you have been tuning to Face the Nation during this campaign season. So we thank you. You made it possible.”

Nation’s main competitors, NBC’s Meet the Press with David Gregory and ABC’s This Week with Christiane Amanpour, are already an hour in length.

Schieffer assured viewers that the added airtime will not change the content of the show. “We don't plan to change a thing,” he said Sunday. “No bells and whistles. We'll just keep sitting the key newsmakers down, turning on the lights up there and asking them questions. Then we'll bring in the experts from in and outside CBS News for analysis. We'll just have more time to do it. We'll do our best to keep asking the questions you want answered.”

CBS has not yet commented whether the change would be permanent. According to the Associated Press, CBS News President David Rhodes says the extended length will last at least through the political conventions next summer, after which the broadcast time will be evaluated.