CBS: We Have a 'High Level of Concern' About Charlie Sheen

Riccardo S. Savi/Getty Images

Entertainment President Nina Tassler says the network is worried about the 'Two and a Half Men' star “on a personal level” but insists “he does his job extremely well.”

PASADENA — The first question for CBS Entertainment president Nina Tassler was about scandal magnet Charlie Sheen, the star of the network’s highly lucrative Chuck Lorre series Two and a Half Men.

Sheen, who allegedly busted up a hotel room at New York’s Plaza last October, was reported to be on a bender with multiple escorts over the weekend again raising concerns about the actor’s lifestyle. 
Tassler admitted that she’s concerned about Sheen “on a personal level,” but she attempted to downplay any apprehension about Sheen’s ability to continue on Two And a Half Men
“I personally have thought a lot about this,” she said. “We have a high level of concern. How could we not? This man is a father. He’s got children. He has a family. So obviously there’s concern on a personal level. But you can’t look at it simplistically. Charlie is professional. He comes to work. He does his job extremely well. It’s very complicated.”
Tassler said the network has a very good relationship with Warner Bros. “We have a very good relationship with Warner Bros., but there have been no discussions about contingency plans in the event Sheen becomes unavailable,” she said.
Sheen – the highest paid actor on primetime comedy television today - “knows how we feel,” Tassler said. “He knows the level of concern we have. Everybody is doing their job and things are continuing as planned.”