CBS lists achievements in public service

'Without a Trace' just one example

WASHINGTON -- In an effort to convince viewers and policymakers that the network takes social responsibility seriously, CBS Corp. on Tuesday released a 108-page report detailing the public-service initiatives it undertook during 2006.

The company's initial Social Responsibility Report comes as Congress, the FCC and the Federal Trade Commission have continued to push broadcasters to reduce sex and violence on TV and to make an effort to wean children from unhealthy food.

"In our first year as a stand-alone company, CBS Corp. made many notable achievements, and principal among them was our ongoing commitment to the audiences and communities we serve," CBS Corp. president and CEO Leslie Moonves said in a statement accompanying the report.

The company details everything it has done from PSAs to socially responsible plots in CBS series. Included as examples of responsible story lines were those of the series "Without a Trace."

A rerun of an episode depicting a rape scene that aired Dec. 31, 2004, caused the FCC to propose more than $3 million in fines.

In a synopsis of the report, the network claims that the series "has helped locate several missing persons."

The report also details local and national political coverage of the 2006 midterm elections by CBS News, CBS Television Stations and CBS Radio, including sponsored candidate debates, as well as "investigations from CBS News that cast light on important topics such as health, safety, consumer protection, government waste and social injustice."

"This report not only highlights our efforts in diversity and localism but provides a clear road map for where we want to go and the goals we want to achieve in these important areas," Moonves said. "While there's much more work to be done, we think the Social Responsibility Report provides a solid foundation for us to build our future efforts."
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