CBS Live Stream Experiences Problems During Grammys

CBS All Access - H 2014
Courtesy of CBS

CBS All Access - H 2014

Many people posted on Twitter that they were having problems accessing the live stream during the broadcast.

Many people trying to watch the Grammy Awards on Monday night were not able to live stream the show and they took to Twitter to complain. 

A quick search of the social network showed dozens of people who said they were not able to access the live stream on the CBS website or via the All Access app on set-top boxes like Apple TV. Others said that the stream cut out midway through the three-hour show. 

Live streaming was a cornerstone of CBS' Grammys Telecast. The broadcast network made the music industry's big night available online to cable subscribers. The broadcast also was available via set-top boxes like Apple TV to people who pay $5.99 a month for CBS All Access or signed up for a one-week free trial. 

Some users experienced temporary difficulty accessing the live online feed of the Grammys," a CBS spokeswoman tells The Hollywood Reporter. "Our location services provider had a brief issue verifying user location. That issue has since been resolved and all users are back online."



Feb. 15, 7:10 p.m. Updated with statement from CBS