CBS Mobile offers ani programs


NEW YORK -- CBS Mobile said it is launching its first original animated program on Monday, featuring Danny Bonaduce giving advice to scandalous celebrities.

Set to launch Nov. 12, "Danny Bonaduce: Life Coach" will be carried on the mobile video services of AT&T, Verizon and Sprint, on and across the CBS Audience Network, which includes AOL, Microsoft, Comcast, Joost and others. The show is comprised of eight three-to-five minute episodes with a new one premiering every two weeks.

Bonaduce will voice the title character and the series will feature the troubled former child star sharing life lessons with the Paris Hilton/Britney Spear types making headlines in Hollywood.

The show will also have interactive online elements including a widget that will allow file sharing, blogging and polling. In addition, mobile users can sign up to receive their own advice by text messages from the former "Partridge Family" star.

CBS has several other original mobile programs, including the behind-the-scenes "This Week on CBS Mobile" and "CBS Mobile Daily Delivery," a rundown of funny stories and entertainment updates.