Jane Pauley and Rand Morrison Deconstruct the Myth of the Monolithic Media

"There is no 'we' in the media," Pauley said alongside exec producer Morrison in an interview with THR.

CBS Sunday Morning host Jane Pauley and longtime executive producer Rand Morrison want to make clear that media organizations are not leading the cultural discussion.

"We actually are way behind," Pauley told THR. "If the media has caught on to the story, it means the culture is galloping way down the road."

Morrison, who has executive produced CBS Sunday Morning since 1999, added that this doesn't mean news organizations are immune to cultural shifts and discussions — in many ways, they're reflective of them. "We're a microcosm of the larger culture," he said, noting that CBS has dealt with its own share of problems relating to, for instance, gender inequality — also, take the ouster of CBS This Morning anchor Charlie Rose following accusations of sexual harassment.

The two also dissected the concept of a monolithic concept of "the media," likely in reference to the way distrustful Americans have often grouped together news organizations into a single entity in their minds. To Pauley, this is unfair — "There is no 'we' in the media," she said. CBS, for instance, is a single company competing against countless others. To her, it's ridiculous "to say 'the media' as if it some monolith, as if we all get together and decide what our take on this is going to be."

Still, all media outlets have taken cues from the larger culture, because it is a mix of everyday people who drive those narratives. "All of us humans in the media are looking up and seeing what's going on, not anticipating it," Pauley said.