CBS Radio gives airwaves over to users

User-controlled program works via new Web service

The Web and traditional radio have finally converged. On June 28, CBS Radio will debut the industry's first 100% user-controlled, on-air radio program using a social automated Web service called Jelli. Every Sunday between 10 p.m. and midnight on KITS-FM (LIVE 105) in San Francisco, listeners will take over the airwaves.

A far cry from the days phone-in requests, Jelli gives listeners complete control just as if they were in the station studio. Using Web-based, real-time voting and other features, listeners create the on-air playlist, determining what is broadcast over the airwaves seconds before it plays. The community can even vote to pull a song off the air instantly.

The user-controlled program also will be available on the Jelli Web site, which went live Wednesday.

"The real-time Web represents a huge opportunity to engage with both online and traditional media audiences," said Michael Marquez, executive vp strategy and corporate development at CBS Interactive. "Jelli is creating a bridge between digital and traditional broadcast experiences, creating something completely new and fun."

Launched this year, Jelli is based in San Mateo, Calif.
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