CBS Remains on Dish Network Past Deadline

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Colts Broncos NFL Football - H 2014

The two companies said they will negotiate "into the evening"

Just minutes after a deadline that might have cost Dish Network access to several CBS channels, the two companies said they have come to terms on another extension, though there is still no long-term solution to the ongoing dispute.

"CBS remains on the air with Dish while negotiations progress into the evening," CBS said Thursday.

Dish and CBS have been engaged in contentious, sometimes public, negotiations, and CBS has now extended a deadline three times, allowing Dish rights to content from CBS-owned TV stations, the CBS Sports Network and Showtime, all of which might have been lost without Thursday's last-minute extension.

On Tuesday, in fact, CBS distributed a statement to reporters that read: "We would very much like to avoid going dark ... thereby joining the more than 120 stations Dish has dropped since 2013 alone. Unless agreements are reached, however, our viewers should be prepared to lose CBS from their Dish systems on Thursday evening at 7 PM/ET."

Staying true to the public nature of the conflict, Dish responded that "only CBS can force a blackout of its channels."