CBS slates Cronkite tribute special


NEW YORK -- CBS News will honor longtime anchor Walter Cronkite with a primetime special later this month, the network said Thursday.

"That's the Way It is: Celebrating Cronkite at 90" will air at 8 pm. Friday, May 18, on CBS. It will mark the history and legacy of the 91-year-old TV legend, who most recently contributed to the "CBS Evening News" by announcing the beginning of the Sept. 5, 2006, show that started Katie Couric's tenure.

Couric will be in the roster of news stars -- as well as competitors Charles Gibson and Brian Williams -- who will be interviewed about Cronkite's legacy. Also appearing will be CBS News journalists Don Hewitt, Mike Wallace, Morley Safer and the man who replaced Cronkite in 1981, Dan Rather. So too will be Diane Sawyer, Barbara Walters and Ted Koppel plus friends Spike Lee, George Clooney and Robin Williams.

Executive producing the special is Susan Zirinsky; Nancy Kramer is the producer and Terry Manning is the producer/editor.