CBS: Time Warner Cable Refuses to Resume Negotiations

Dexter Season 8 Premiere Body - H 2013

Dexter Season 8 Premiere Body - H 2013

As some customers claim to be receiving rebates for Showtime subscriptions, CBS issues a statement claiming the provider is making a play for "more leverage."

CBS issued a statement Sunday that there are currently no negotiations with Time Warner Cable in their retransmission negotiations dispute which has resulted in thousands of cable customers losing CBS stations and the Showtime pay TV service since Friday evening.

The company noted that before the deadline Friday they did ask TWC to continue talks and keep their content on the air -- but TWC “rejected this request,” according to the network, “and told us they’d have more leverage against us if they took us off their service.”

“This is hardly a sign they care about their customers as they claim," the statement continued. "We remain ready to negotiate in good faith when they are.”

CBS, which ran newspaper ads Sunday in New York and Los Angeles urging angry customers to contact TWC, also pointed out that a caller to Milwaukee's Charlie Sykes radio show said TWC gave $20 off his bill for Showtime as a result of the blackout. The cable provider has noted it will provide rebates to customers of the pay TV services, including Showtime, but not for broadcast channel blackouts, as they say they often shuffle channels.

Asked for a response to the CBS claims on Sunday, TWC released the following statement: “We regret the inconvenience to our customers (and their viewers) and look forward  to resolving the situation as soon as possible.”