CBS, Warner Bros. May Have to Re-Work 'Men' Deal Without Charlie Sheen

Greg Gayne/Warner Bros.

The network currently pays $4 million per episode, insiders say, and would probably push to lower the price tag.

CBS and Warner Bros. may need to renegotiate their deal if Two and a Half Men goes on without Charlie Sheen, who was fired Monday.

The Los Angeles Times reports CBS pays about $4 million per episode. Sheen gets paid about $1.2 million, plus a cut of the rerun money - which brings it up to roughly $2 million per episode.

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But without Sheen, CBS may be looking to pay less per episode, the L.A. Times reports.

If the show continues without Sheen, it may also affect the rerun deals Warner Bros. has made with FX and nationwide TV stations. Buyers may want to renegotiate if future seasons do not include the show's star.

CBS and Warner Bros.' deal expires at the end of next season, but they may begin negotiating earlier because Sheen is defined by the studio as a "person of essence."

The Hollywood Reporter has reported that Sheen's absence from the show could cost upwards of $250 million in lost domestic syndication deals.