CEA president fires back at WB's Meyer


WASHINGTON -- The tit-for-tat between the consumer electronics industry and the movie studios continued Thursday as Consumer Electronics Assn. president Gary Shapiro accused Warner Bros. CEO Barry Meyer of twisting the facts.

Shapiro is upset, he told Meyer in a letter, about remarks the studio chief made Tuesday at the MPAA's Business of Show Business conference, where Meyer accused the trade group's chief lobbyist of justifying copyright theft.

While Shapiro accused the studios of trying to legislate technology design by their support of measures that could authorize copyright controls like the so-called "broadcast flag," he entreated them to talk about their differences.

"Although the use of my speech was a 'fair use,' your excerpts were unfair and out of context as any comparison of the speeches would reveal," Shapiro said.

Warner Bros. executives declined comment on the Shapiro missive, saying the studio planned to respond soon.