Cecil the Lion Game That Guns Down Hunters Turned Down by Apple, Approved by Google

Courtesy of Cecil's Revenge

The game "Cecil's Revenge" sets its targets on trophy hunters.

Apple has turned down a request for an app that lets wildlife hunt trophy hunters — a game called Cecil's Revenge.

The game, named after Zimbabwe's beloved Cecil the lion, shows lions, giraffes and elephants shooting at poachers from their moving vehicle. It is based on the game Asteroids and is currently available for free on Google Play.

An explanation on the game creators' website says it was rejected by Apple for inclusion in the App Store because of guidelines stating, "Enemies within the context of a game cannot solely target a specific race, culture, a real government or corporation, or any other real entity."

The game's creators say Apple wrote, "Specifically, your app targets poachers. We encourage you to review your app concept and revise it to avoid targeting any groups or individuals."

David Kotkin and Glenn Cutler, the game's developers, say it's a game honoring Cecil's memory. "Cecil's death empowered us to do a game where animals shoot at the poachers for a change," said Cutler in a statement on their website. "We have the animals shooting while flying through space for a reason. It has to do with drones and satellites. These modern technologies could track the animals and also track the poachers if they kill another Cecil."

The site says proceeds from the game will help fund technology to stop illegal poaching.

TMZ reported an Apple rep said the game was not approved because the company does not sanction games based on "real events."