Walter Palmer Wanted to Hunt Giant Elephant After Killing Cecil the Lion, Says Guide

Walter Palmer, 175 lb Leopard - P 2015
Brent Sinclair/Trophy Hunt America

Walter Palmer, 175 lb Leopard - P 2015

Palmer reportedly asked his guide to find him an elephant with a tusk weighing more than 63 pounds.

Walter Palmer, the man who killed the famous Zimbabwe lion named Cecil, was allegedly targeting a very large elephant next, according to the guide who took him out on the hunt.

Guide Theo Bronkhorst spoke with The Telegraph about the early July hunt. He explained that he, a scout, his son who is also a professional hunter and Palmer started the hunt after the sun was down. He claims they found an elephant carcass which they "dragged and moved into the long grass and used for bait."

"We first saw a lioness go past. And then a huge male — Cecil — came into view behind her. He was a magnificent animal," said Bronkhorst. He said Palmer fired at Cecil with a bow and arrow but they couldn't tell if he was hit so they went home for the night and searched for Cecil again in the morning.

Bronkhorst said when they found a wounded Cecil, Palmer killed him off with his bow and arrow and said it wasn't until they walked over to Cecil that they saw he had a collar. He claimed both he and Palmer were "devastated" that they had shot a collared animal, and Bronkhorst panicked and put the collar in a tree.

They then "did what had to be done" and beheaded Cecil and took his skin "as the client had paid for the trophy."

When they returned from the hunt, Bronkhorst said Palmer asked the group to find him an elephant whose tusk weighs larger than 63 pounds. "I told him I would not be able to find one so big, so the client left the next day," said Bronkhorst.