Cee Lo Green’s Latest Video Stars Steve Urkel Actor (Video)

"Family Matters" star Jaleel White dances to "The Voice" judge’s new song.

Cee Lo Green doesn’t make an appearance in her new music video for his song “Cry Baby.” Instead, Jaleel White, best known as Steve Urkel from Family Matters, lip-syncs and dances as the main character of the video.

The video for The Voice judge’s new song has a 1950’s theme, with a group of young people dancing on the streets. The video opens with Jaleel White breaking up with a woman. “We’re two trains passing, baby, that’s what we are. I’m going left, you’re going right,” he tells her.

“Cry Baby” is from Green’s 2010 album, The Lady Killer. Green, who does not appear in the video at all, took to Twitter to announce the video. “I had no idea they shot a video for cry baby,” Cee Lo Green tweeted, most likely joking. “I hear its cool though.”

White, now 34 years old, starred in Family Matters as the nerdy neighbor from the age of 12 for 9 years. He also wrote and directed several episodes.

Since the show ended, White has gotten a film and acting degree from UCLA. In 1999, he starred in the UPN show, Grown Ups, which was cancelled after one season. He has had guest star roles on The Game, Boston Legal and Psych.

White will also appear in the comedy film Dumbbells, along with Carl Reiner, Tom Arnold, Frenchie Davis, Jay Mohr and Andy Milonakis.