Celador Prods.: Employee owned


LONDON -- Celador Prods., the company behind such shows as "You Are What You Eat," quiz show "Perfect Strangers" and comedy entertainment show "Popcorn," has undergone a management buyout, managing director Danielle Lux announced Thursday.

The buyout has the support of outgoing Celador Prods. chairman Paul Smith, who remains a shareholder and will retain a non-executive role in the company. Financial details were not disclosed.

The deal follows last year's sale -- by Celador Prods.' parent company Complete Communications Ltd. -- of hit format "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" and distribution business Celador International to Dutch production house 2waytraffic.

Director of production Heather Hamson and director of production Murray Boland also share ownership.

"In just a couple of years, we've gone from being employees hired to grow the company to becoming its owners," Lux said. "Heather, Murray and myself are very grateful to Paul and passionately committed to keeping Celador Prods. a creative company for creative people."

Celador Prods. is currently in production on a fourth run of the hugely successful factual entertainment series "You Are What You Eat" for Channel 4 and has a number of new commissions in the pipeline.
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