Celebrities React to Scotland Rejecting Independence

Scotland Woman and Flag - H 2014
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Scotland Woman and Flag - H 2014

A mixture of relief, elation, sadness and hopes of reconciliation mark the tweets from a host of stars

After a exhausting two-year campaign, Scotland rejected independence on early Friday morning local time

According to the BBC, the final result after all regions had reported was 55 percent of Scottish people voting in favor of remaining in the U.K. with 45 percent voting for independence.

Just as the referendum had celebrities rushing to Twitter before the vote, the result led to an outpouring of emotion on social media from those backing either side. Those favoring remaining part of the U.K. expressed a mixture of relief and elation at the close nature of the result, and those favoring Scottish independence sadness and some hope that Scotland will get more powers in a more federal U.K. 

Below are a selection of tweets; we'll update them through the day as more people react to the momentous news.