#PuberMe: Celebrities Share Awkward Puberty Pictures for Puerto Rico Relief

"Awkward phase @nickkroll come on meow who doesn't love braces?! Super fly," star Gina Rodriguez captioned her photo.

Some of Hollywood's biggest names are sharing blasts from the past for a good cause.

It all started Wednesday on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, when the host and his guest, actor Nick Kroll, shared self-professed awkward pictures of themselves with the hashtag #PuberMe, with a call to action.

"For every celebrity that puts up a puberty picture from when they're 13 and [uses] #PuberMe — and I'll decide what a celebrity is, thank you — I'll give a donation to AmeriCone Dream Ice Cream Fund to Puerto Rico hurricane relief," Colbert explained. Kroll immediately said he would match that pledge.  

On Thursday night's show, Colbert said that following Kroll's appearance he had to "check" on how much money could be donated per tweet. He confirmed that, for every celebrity tweet using the hashtag, the AmeriCone Dream Fund will donate $1,000 to One America Appeal. OAA was created by America's five living former presidents to benefit the victims of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria.

He ended the update with a plea to his fellow celebrities. "I want you celebrities to step up and tweet those photos. I want to see bowl cuts, I want to see brace faces, a constellation of acne across your T-zone." 

Puerto Rico was hit particularly hard when Hurricane Maria made landfall Sept. 20. At least 16 people have been confirmed dead, with many more injured.

Stars such as Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, and Lin-Manuel Miranda have recently made similar calls to action. Lopez donated $1 million to aid victims of the hurricane. The star also said she is working with Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and Puerto Rican player J.J. Barea to get two airplanes full of help and generators ready to fly to the island.

Fellow late-night host Jimmy Kimmel was one of the first to join in on the awkward fun. See more celebrity posts below.

Watch the clip from Wednesday night's Late Show below. 

Sept. 29, 12:28 p.m. Updated to include Colbert's statements on #PuberMe from Thursday's show.