Moon Juice Brings Sex Dust and #Moonhugs to Melrose Place Retail Row

Amanda Chantal Bacon P 2016
Courtesy of Moon Juice

"We're so happy to delight and alchemize the international beauty-seeking crowd," says Moon Juice founder Amanda Chantal Bacon of the L.A. juicery, which counts Gwyneth Paltrow and Rachel McAdams as fans.

While other cold-pressed juice brands quench thirst, ward off colds and squeeze bundles of greens into our daily intake, Amanda Chantal Bacon’s Moon Juice promises "transformative plant-sourced alchemy."

No, the lunar apothecary concept is not a spell from the latest Harry Potter  it originated in Venice Beach five years ago and counts as fans A-listers Rachel McAdams, Kristen Wiig, Rooney Mara and Gwyneth Paltrow, who has declared her allegiance to practically the whole Moon Pantry and Moon Dust lines.

So, on the day Moon Juice opened its third L.A. location — off Melrose Place, adjacent to primo shopping and beside Alfred Tea Room — it’s not surprising Louise Roe and Kristin Cavallari were among the first to step foot inside.

Despite the tiny shop’s tony address, the allure is what’s inside: namely a case featuring a vivid rainbow of chilled juices (they come in literally every color, even blue), tonics and milks, plus wooden shelves bearing dusts, herbs, teas and more.

The Setup

Before entering, customers are invited to give a #moonhug to a 50-pound jade crystal embedded in a large copper circle on the exterior wall. Bacon chose it as a community healing stone, to refract the light and nourishment one gets from Moon Juice’s medicinal products. Johnston Marklee worked alongside the founder to design interior elements like a white terrazzo floor with an embedded “cosmic” copper spiral and pastel motifs on crystal-laden shelves. Besides the juice case, the focal point is the large copper Alchemy Bar with the words “Welcome to the Moon Kingdom of Edible Alchemy. Thrive Cosmically!” overhead.

To Sip and Shop

The Alchemy Bar is Moon Juice’s newest invention, where alchemists (Moon Juice speak for baristas) mix up warm or iced drinks ($6) that incorporate activated nut or coconut milk along with caffeine-free Gynostemma tea or Vittoria organic cold-brew coffee and, of course, one of the six obsessed-over Moon Dusts: Sex, Brain, Beauty, Spirit, Power and Dream. (They’re customizable with sprouted protein, ghee and double-dust add-ons.)

This feature makes the shop more of a cafe, where one can linger over a supercharged coffee at an outdoor table, with laptop jacked into free Wi-Fi. Also on offer: a garden's worth of green juices — in particular Bacon’s personal go-to, the medicinal-grade Goodness Greens, which she formulated “many moons ago to keep my energy up during long nights working the line at a fine-dining restaurant.”

There are herbal supplements for sale, such as Pearl powder (for the skin), snacks (Sesame Ginger Sea Snaps and Sprouted Maca Mesquite Walnuts to avoid dips in blood sugar) and seasonal tonics like the summery, hydrating Watermelon, which features energizing and libido-boosting epimedium. For topical use, Moon Juice sells a tightly curated selection of skin care by friend-of-the-juicery Shiva Rose; Clair de Lune, the brand’s oil collaboration with Odacite; and Under Luna, natural hair-care formulas handmade in small batches on the Westside.

The Must-Dusts

On Goop, Paltrow revealed she drinks a smoothie featuring Moon Dust ($55-$65) every morning: "Action Dust [since renamed Power Dust] to soothe overworked muscles, Beauty Dust for a glowy complexion and healthy hair, Brain Dust to combat mental fogginess, Goodnight Dust [now Dream Dust] when sleep has been evasive, Sex Dust, for, you know, and Spirit Dust to get that extrasensory perception going."

These powdered blends of adaptogenic herbs, which Bacon says "have been been treasured in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine for centuries to boost energy and resilience," are formulated and inspired by ancient wisdom and current scientific research. Adaptogens are credited for reducing stress and its negative effects, stimulating immunity and increasing inner peace. Sex Dust has reached a cultlike status; Bacon relies on it to keep her energy up when chasing her wild young son and says it stimulates creativity, too.

Moon Juice, 8463-3 Melrose Place, Los Angeles, 323-852-3414,