Iowa Caucuses: Hollywood Reacts

Trump Ted Cruz Split - H 2016
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Trump Ted Cruz Split - H 2016

Celebs reveled in Donald Trump losing Iowa to Ted Cruz.

Donald Trump's surprise loss to Ted Cruz in the GOP Iowa caucus set social media ablaze, with many in Hollywood quick to kick The Donald while he was down. 

Schadenfreude was the name of the game as several celebrities pointed out that Trump's "brand" was all based on being a winner and many were looking forward to him spinning the second-place finish. Many have been re-tweeting Trump's tweet from a few years ago, where the real estate mogul and reality star quoted Walter Hagen's immortal line "No one remember's who came in second."


Billy Eichner and other celebrities ruminated on the proposition that Cruz might actually be worse than Trump. Keith Olbermann, a longtime adversary of Trump's, simply tweeted the hashtag #ByeFelicia.