Monday Motivation: Celebrity Soul Cycle Instructor Pens Self-Help Book

Brooke Shields and Stacey Griffith

You knew it would happen sooner or later.

A top SoulCycle instructor's power to motivate is not to be underestimated. For evidence, you only have to look to the newest self-help book to hit shelves, Two Turns From Zero, by one of the indoor cycling empire's most popular teachers, Stacey Griffith.

Known for firing up regular riders Kelly Ripa and Brooke Shields by using catchy mantras-turned-hashtags such as #loveeattrainrepeat, as well as for her signature shock of short platinum hair that's often whipped up into a mohawk, Griffith is now sharing her brand of training and inspiration with readers.

In the book, Griffith starts by trying to find out what makes readers and wannabe riders tick, in order to give them the tools to get motivated every day.


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Though SoulCycle outposts are primarily located in major cities (though Griffith did travel the U.S. as part of Oprah’s The Life You Want tour a few years ago), the fitness pro feels that a book blending fitness, spirituality and tales of personal struggle will touch people even in places where there may not yet be a SoulCycle studio.

"I have always wanted to write a book, I just never had the focus to actually get it done, or started I should say!" says Griffith. "After many years of asking my students to put their goals and dreams on their handlebars, I finally put my own on mine, and now I'm looking across the room at my first book on the shelf."

Centered on the idea that every one of us can be an athlete, Two Turns From Zero: Pushing to Higher Fitness Goals, Converting Them to Life Strength also includes nutrition counseling from experts, moving meditations, and Griffith's own story of addiction during the 1990s. She got sober in 2005 and focused her life on fitness. The following year Griffith signed on as SoulCycle's second instructor.

Now based in New York, Griffith travels to Los Angeles frequently and shares her favorite fitness spots here as well as exactly what it is that puts the soul in SoulCycle.

SoulCycle is such a popular activity here in Los Angeles (and elsewhere). What is the secret sauce that really hooks people?

We have an amazing formula for success as a company. The brand itself has become such a huge impact on each community it pops up in. I know I received a lot of the attention over the years, but it takes a village to do anything successfully. Soul gave me a platform to shine. I'm just doing my job with all heart, that's the secret sauce: #HEART.

How can people around the world where there may not be a SoulCycle, replicate the same feeling or rush that is at the core of a SoulCycle session with you?

This is the reason I wrote this book. It is a workbook full of motivational tools for you to use in your everyday life. In the book we figure out what makes you tick, what makes you move, there's got to be something we can tap into, it's just a matter of looking deep for it. It's way more fun when you can do it with someone who understands all of your excuses!

What are your favorite fitness and wellness spots in Los Angeles?

I will forever be obsessed with Runyon Canyon. I used to walk my clients up there, and make them stand on the totem pole. If you don't know where it is, keep looking, but be careful. And don't climb it alone! As for restaurants, there are so many I look forward to going to when I am in L.A. It’s hard to narrow it down but if I had to — nothing makes me happier than breakfast at Urth Cafe and a fun dinner at Craig’s. But the best thing about L.A. is being able to drive to the ocean.


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What are your go-to beauty items for in-flight and while traveling?

The Burt's Bees cucumber wipes are great! I also hand sanitize the armrest and the tray if I remember to buy the little wipes in the airport. I learned that from a guy I traveled next to once; he said he hasn't been sick since he started doing that. It's a great tip!

A lot of people build SoulCycle in as an important part of their day but then have to rush off back to work or meeting. What are your beauty secrets when transitioning from a class to work mode in order to look and feel refreshed and ready for the rest of the day?

I would say definitely take a shower before you work out, this way you can just zip through whatever regime you have after you train. I learned in India when I studied yoga that sweat is actually really good for you. Those cucumber body wipes can also be used after the workout. For the ladies I think the hair in a tight ponytail is the way to go, and for the guys the slick rick is a good go-to for post tap-back bliss. If you have an important meeting, make sure you start cooling down, and don't rush out of the room before the stretch. You won't stop sweating until long after the workout. You don't want the meeting to think you're sweating from nerves. Cool down! Put the air conditioner on, and drink lots of cold water. Aside from plain H2O, my go-to is Bai in the watermelon flavor. It’s all-natural, has antioxidants and it’s only 5 calories and is so good.

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