#PretaPostcards: Tracy Anderson's Guide to a Weekend in Miami

Tracy Anderson - Buick- H 2016
Courtesy of Buick

The trainer to stars including Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Lopez shares her idea of a perfect South Florida getaway.

Tracy Anderson is a fitness buff — a quite toned and lean one herself — who exercises daily, but she also likes to have fun. On a recent frigid NYC weekend she jetted to Miami for some sunshine and leisurely drives around the Keys in Buick’s brand-new convertible, the Cascada. After all, she says, "You actually burn more calories driving a convertible, because it uses more of your senses."

The exercise guru — whose lauded full-body method is a unique combination of precise, muscle-shaking movements and dance aerobics — mentions "the sensory mechanisms that kick in when you enter something that is beautiful, it’s proportioned, it’s spirited, it’s gorgeous — it’s an adrenaline rush and you don’t do enough of that." Her classes are an adrenaline rush, too, for devoted clients (and besties) including Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Lopez.

So in this busy awards season, how does she get her ladies ready for the red carpet? "I educate them first and foremost on how to really be physically empowered and own it," she says. "When you live the truth of what being balanced and in shape really means then there isn’t a countdown to any carpet."

RIDIN' IN STYLE: Tracy Anderson in Miami with a Buick Cascada.

That said, "When one of my celebrity clients is about to be more exposed than a normal day or will have countless photographers on them we always up the cardio a bit and get buttoned up on our food choices," says the woman behind studios in Brentwood and NYC. "I have done menus and meal plans for many of my A-listers to make sure they glow from every angle.” For a post-Oscars trip to Miami, her recommendations are below.

The reason: According to Anderson, "The heat, the vibe, the independence of the spirit there. It feels like a confident city that just celebrates sunshine and life."

The sleeping arrangements: The Edition, a chic white palm-bedecked luxury boutique hotel in the heart of Mid-Beach. "The spa is incredible and the esthetician was actually really smart, which was impressive. The property is stunning."

The bites and booze: You won’t see Anderson out at the clubs. "I only do a great dinner with a glass of wine. It’s got to be someone or something special to get me to really go out out. But I love the s’mores at Prime 112, the farm-to-table vibe at [Tom Colicchio’s] Beachcraft, and I love the Soho House in Miami."

The road trip: "I really love Key Biscayne — my grandmother used to live there, so I dig that relaxed beach vibe. I also like driving up to Boca or West Palm."

The souvenir: A tan! And shopping in Bal Harbour is Anderson’s go-to. It’s known for its luxury outdoor shopping mall that includes virtually every major luxury designer along with beauty shops and specialty stores. It’s shopping spree central.