Celese and Jesse Forever

David Lanzenberg

Co-written by Parks and Recreation star Rashida Jones and her real-life ex-turned-friend Will McCormack, Celeste (bought at the fest by Sony Pictures Classics) is a likable and bittersweet film about falling out of love that has enough laughs to be mistaken for a rom-com but ultimately doesn't want to be pigeonholed. Jones is great as Celeste, a woman married for a few years to her longtime best friend, Jesse (Andy Samberg), who asks for a divorce after she grows impatient with his lack of ambition. John DeFore wrote: "Though not outrageous or star-powered enough to set the box office ablaze, it could connect with viewers who don't walk in expecting an extension of Samberg's Saturday Night Live antics. Samberg is highly sympathetic, playing things much straighter than usual; if he and Jones don't have much chemistry, that's only to the benefit of the friends-not-lovers theme." 

Director: Lee Toland Krieger

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