Celestial lines up Shaw retrospective

Swordsmen, courtesans to kick forth during screenings

HONG KONG -- A retrospective of Shaw Brothers films will commence in Hong Kong in October to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the founding of the legendary studio. 

Organized by Celestial Pictures, the owner of the 760-title Shaw Brothers film library, the festival will open with director Li Han-Hsiang’s 1963 costume musical tragedy “The Love Eterne” on October 1.
In spite of the fact that the recently revitalized Shaw Brothers studio is not involved in the festivities, the “Shaw Brothers Film Festival” will showcase 14 classic films the studio produced during its 1960-70 heyday, all in digitally restored versions, including Li Han-Hsiang’s winner of the 6th Asia Film Festival, “The Kingdom and the Beauty," martial arts and kungfu classics such as Chang Cheh’s “One-Armed Swordsman," King Hu’s “Come Drink with Me," Liu Chia-Liang’s “The 36th Chamber of Shaolin," historical drama “The Empress Dowager," and the then-controversial erotic melodrama “Intimate Confessions of A Chinese Courtesan."

The retrospective will be held from October 1-7 and October 15-21.