Celestial Pictures Launching 3DTV VOD Service

China Lion

Hong Kong hits like 'Sex & Zen: Extreme Ecstasy' and 'Child's Eye 3D' will be available uncut.

HONG KONG -- Pay-TV channel Celestial Movies is launching the first stereoscopic 3D Chinese movies in the region, with local 3D hits Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy and Child’s Eye 3D through its on demand service, the first channel to do so in Hong Kong.

Run by Celestial Pictures, which owns the 760-title Shaw Brothers classic movie library, Celestial Movies provides the 3D On Demand services through IPTV operator Now-TV to subscribers with 3DTVs. Offerings will include the uncut theatrical versions of Sex and Zen 3D, the highest-grossing Hong Kong film of 2011 thus far with a HK$41 million ($5.3 million) take, and the first foray into 3D horror by the Pang twins Oxide and Danny of The Eye, which was remade into a Jessica Alba vehicle in 2008.

The channel also offers a 2D full-length version to viewers without 3DTV sets for now, and an edited version of 3D Sex and Zen in November.


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