Celestial Tiger Sells Over 1700 hours of Lionsgate Product in Asia

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Ockefels' "Mad Men" promo with Jon Hamm in a flooded office shows his appetite for risk. "He started to float off his chair, but we held his pants down with fishing weights. That shoot could have gone wrong in so many ways," recalls Ockenfels.

The raft of TV series and movies from the mini-studio was sold by the Hong Kong-based cable channel operator in 2012 as part of a regional distribution deal.

TORONTO - Celestial Tiger Entertainment on Monday said it sold over 1700 hours of Lionsgate TV series and movies to broadcasters and media platforms in southeast Asia and China in 2012 as part of a regional distribution deal.

The Hong Kong-based cable channel operator sold the fifth season of Mad Men to FOX International Channels (FIC), the Charlie Sheen-starring comedy Anger Management to Comedy Central Asia, as well as a slate of current and upcoming feature films to HBO Asia and FIC, including The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2.

Besides its distribution deal and profile in the Asian market, Lionsgate also has a stake in Celestial Tiger Entertainment, along with Saban Capital. 

The Asian distributor on the movie side also licensed the pay TV rights to HBO Asia and FIC for the Hunger Games franchise, The Impossible, and Silent Hill: Revelation 3D. \“The scope of our recent licensing deals reflects the tremendous appetite for Lionsgate content in the Asian marketplace,” said Wendy Reeds, the distributor’s executive vp of content sales and distribution.