Celine Dion, Legend, Wore Vetements' 'Titanic' Hoodie

Celine Dion Titanic Sweatshirt Sqaure 2016

Our hearts can't even go on right now.

Near, far — wherever you are — you should remember that Celine Dion is and always will be the ultimate diva superstar.

The singer proved as much on Friday afternoon while out in Paris, where she was busy sitting front row at the hottest Couture Week shows. In a super meta move, Dion stepped out in the Vetements' Titanic hoodie ($885) from the brand's spring 2016 collection, reminding us all that she is the queen. 

The 48-year-old has recently undergone a fashion transformation thanks to her new stylist, Law Roach, who works with budding style icon Zendaya (he also helped the starlet launch her Daya shoe collection) as well as Ariana Grande. With Roach's stylish touch, Dion has been wearing all the cool kids' favorite brands, which, in addition to Vetements, includes Gucci, Balmain and Fendi

Never change, Celine. 


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