This Is Why Celine Dion's Stylist Put Her in That Vetements 'Titanic' Hoodie

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Law Roach, the style extraordinaire behind the performer's high-fashion transformation, shares how he turned her into Paris Couture Week's ultimate style star with looks from Vetements, Gucci and Jil Sander.

Of all the famous faces that sat front row at this season's Paris Couture Week, no one on the fashion front stood out quite as much as Celine Dion (it was hard to miss those facial expressions, after all).

The Grammy Award-winning singer — who hardly needs an introduction wherever she goes — was this week's Internet hot topic as she made the rounds during fashion week in the most jaw-dropping outfits, including a bright yellow Jil Sander coat that was paired with Gianvito Rossi boots and that Vetement Titanic hoodie that had us screaming "yaaas!"

Her high-fashion transformation came courtesy of stylist Law Roach — the same style guru who works with Zendaya, Ariana Grande and Ruby Rose. In fact, Roach tells Pret-a-Reporter that it was the former that led Dion's team to get in touch with him about styling her.

"She started to follow Zendaya’s style and one of the things she said was, 'She’s so sophisticated.' Like, the things she wears, I can wear at my age," says Roach of Dion's appreciation for the 19-year-old's wardrobe approach. With Paris Couture Week wrapping up, we caught up with the L.A.-based image architect (a descriptor he uses in his Instagram profile) about working with the iconic performer.

Is Couture Week the first time you started styling Celine?

No, I started styling her because she had 10 concerts in Paris, so that’s when I started working with her for that. Couture wasn’t planned. She was here and I was like, "Celine, it's couture, I think we should go to a couple of shows, just two — no more than that." And she was like, "OK, let’s do it." She told me [she] hadn’t been to a fashion show in almost 20 years. And she was just so happy to be back to the things that she loves. I’m sure you saw the picture of her [at Giambattista Valli] but she was so excited and didn’t try to hide it — she was just being Celine.

How did you two meet?

They actually called me. They said that Celine had become familiar with my work. Celine stays relevant. She knows what’s going on in fashion and everything. She started to follow Zendaya’s style and one of the things she said was, "She’s so sophisticated." Like, the things she wears, I can wear at my age. And she said that was what was appealing to her. Then we actually met after the Billboard Awards. She came in, we talked about fashion — I just told her about my approach and the way I admire women and that’s why I do this job. And then they offered me a job to come to Paris for a month and that’s been it.


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Everyone has been talking about her wardrobe this week — how have you been able to elevate her look while still holding true to her personal style?

For me, it’s just organic. It’s very much how we feel in the morning. I can’t, just because I’m crazy, I can’t really plan looks. We have a dressing room and she’ll come down in the morning and we’ll have a collaboration. There are pieces like, "Oh I’m excited, this might be great" but a lot of it's just her synergy and it’s just like, "that’s the one."

You work with a lot of music stars (Ariana Grande, Zendaya, Ruby Rose). How do you approach Celine’s style differently than the other ladies?

There’s no difference. I am the same stylist with every girl. Every girl may be a little different but it’s still, for me, it has to be emotional. Every look I do, it’s like a baby to me. It’s like a child, it’s emotional. And with all the girls, I think, that’s why I work with the same people for so long. They know how passionate I am. To answer your question, I think it’s the same process.

Has Celine had any specific style requests?

No. She has no fear. Today she’s wearing the Vetements Titanic hoodie. There’s nothing that scares her. There’s nothing that she won’t try. She’s a dream come true for a stylist.

Yes! Everyone is flipping out over that.

I got a couple emails just now, so I’m like, "Oh, wow, that happens quick." I’ll tell you why I chose the sweatshirt — next year is the 20th anniversary of Titanic, so it’s just a little nod to that.

What have you enjoyed most about styling Celine?

I’ve enjoyed her, just her. She always smiles, always has a joke, always laughing. And that energy — sometimes you come in and you need that. She is amazing. So, if we did 20 looks or we did two, I’m so grateful. But one of my favorite moments has to be at the Christian Dior show. It was one of my favorite moments.

And I'm sure you've heard about Maria Grazia Chiuri heading to Dior?

I’m very excited. I think that’s one of the smartest moves in this fashion merry-go-round and that’s happened at all the houses. I don’t know what to expect but I’m very excited. Some of the other ones that happened, it's like, "Um, how do we feel about that?" But I think Maria going to Dior, is gonna be very interesting. I think it’s also great that it’s a woman.

What has been your favorite look on Celine so far?

I really love the Gucci from yesterday. She was in head-to-toe Gucci. There was something very nostalgic about it, something very Jackie O. in a way, so I loved that one. I loved the Jil Sander coat, the yellow one that everyone kind of picked out for her, that was great. Today, the Vetements sweatshirt. Definitely one of my favorites.

STREET STYLE STARS: Celine Dion and Law Roach heading to the Christian Dior Haute Couture fall 2017 show. (Photo: Marc Piasecki/WireImage)