Celsius takes 'Amphibious' international

U.K. distributor buys 3D sea monster movie

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HONG KONG – The U.K.'s Celsius Entertainment has picked up international sales rights to "Amphibious 3D," one of Asia's first movies to be shot in 3D.

The English-language picture, now in post-production, is directed by gore-meister Brian Yuzna ("Re-Animator"). It stars Michael Pare ("Bloodrayne," "Virgin Suicides") and Janna Fassaert ("Couples Retreat") as a charter boat captain and a marine biologist who uncover a sea monster that may have been unwittingly unleashed by a group of kids. Francis Bosco, the self-mutilating magician from last year's Cannes competition film "My Magic," also stars.

The film is structured as an Indonesia-Netherlands-Belgium co-venture and production is by San Fu Maltha ("Black Book"), Yuzna and Ananda Siregar through their company Komodo Films.

With a budget of $2.5 million, the film was shot on location in Indonesia in stereoscopic 3D with 4K digital output. Celsius, which is also promoting a documentary adaptation of best-selling non-fiction book "Freakonomics," will screen a 3D trailer in its AFM suite.

Asian producers have been slower than their rivals in Hollywood to embrace production of live action features using 3-D and only Takashi Shimizu's "The Shock Labyrinth 3D" has been released to date.

"'Amphibious' shows that 3D literally adds an extra dimension to every scene and that we can make an ambitious commercial film in Indonesia for audiences around the world," said Maltha.

"We can see the technology improving rapidly from here and expect many other movie-makers to follow our lead." Komodo has two other 3D genre films in advanced stages of development.