'Central Intelligence' Trailer: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is "Jason Bourne in Jorts"

Central Intelligence - Official Trailer - Screen Shot - H 2016
Courtesy of Youtube/Warner Bros.

Johnson and Kevin Hart are here to save America.

High school is a tough time for anyone, even Dwayne Johnson.

In the new trailer for Central Intelligence, we see The Rock as a young and vulnerable, En Vogue-loving teen, who, thanks to a can-do attitude and six-hour daily workout regimen, later grows up to be "Jason Bourne in jorts."

Kevin Hart co-stars as Johnson's compassionate former high school classmate who grows up to be an accountant, who does not have a six-hour daily workout regimen. 

Much like 10th grade science lab partners, the two must work together in order to get back encryption keys to a U.S. spy satellite program.  

Central Intelligence hits theaters on June 17.

Watch the trailer below.